Morning Pops Cereal Subscription Box

Back in the summer I was contacted by a company just starting up asking if I would be interested in trying a new cereal based subscription box. Yes please!

I forgot about it for a while until this morning when we were woken by the postman banging on the door – before you think I’m too lazy this was a Saturday! We start work at 5am on a good day so my husband was not happy at being woken up until he realised the postman came bearing goodies. Breakfast based goodies to be exact!

Does it get much better than breakfast literally delivered to you in bed?

DSCF3889 (2).JPG

I’m sure you all know what a subscription box is and Morning Pops comes every month containing 4 good sized servings of cereals of which at least 3 will be from various countries around the world. There will also be a one of a kind, made in the Morning Pops kitchen, and a little treat which could be a toy or a sweet surprise – just like you used to in cereals before the Health & Safety police took control. This is all for £8.95 a month, free delivery and can be cancelled at any time.

October is not a good month for my mouth, the box came the week I’ve had minor surgery on my mouth and so you’ll have the my husband for the actual eating!

Inside this months box was Kellogg’s Fruit Loops, Nestle Chocapic Duo, Hersheys Cookies’n’Creme (now discontinued) and a Morning Pops original that looks (and tastes) like chocolate pillows with marshmallows.

Usually when I ask for my husbands help trying something I really have to push him to actually eat it and usually only get a vague answer of wether he actually likes it or not.

Well. Firstly he ate the sachet of Fruit Loops. Then he disapeared off to the kitchen and reappeared with the bag of Morning Pops own. He’s actually raving over that one and particularly appreciated the attention to detail (“oh it’s so chocolatey, and crunchy then squidgy. You’d have liked that one babe” Oh would I. Thanks!)

The Chocapic Duo and Cookies’n’Creme went down in similar fashion. 2 hours later. What’s wrong with this man I don’t know but it certainly proved something to me. This is he who eats 2 bowls of cereal then refuses the rest because they’ve got stale where he didn’t store them properly afterwards. When questioned he was adamant they tasted just as fresh as if he’d bought a box from the supermarket and opened and eaten then and there. So bonus points there too.

I’m very impressed, I have one satisfied husband with a reignited love of cereal. Maybe next time I’ll actually get a look in! Thanks Morning Pops!

If you’d like to try for yourself get online at sign up and enter the code LOVE25 to get 25% of your first box. Enjoy!

Snickers Rockin’ Nut Road


Now this Snickers is much more a bit of me.

Dark Chocolate. Almonds. Caramel. Marshmallow Flavoured Nougat. 

See that? Dark chocolate and almonds instead of peanuts? It’s almost as if it were made just for me!


It looked like a normal Snickers expcept for a much darker chocolate and minus a weird hole in the top and had a kinda dark but still quite sweet scent.

I cut a slice for the obligatory gory inside shot and, well, it crumbled.


Seriously, WTF? I used a super sharp knife but it not only seems to have had all the nuts squashed into the nougat in transit but there appears to be a big pocket of air above the caramel. Never mind, looks aren’t everything.

It is an American chocolate so rather than a rich and bitter dark chocolate it had more of a plain chocolate flavour. That’s not a complaint but it’s not what I’d call dark. In fact even the import label calls it a semi-sweet and that’s how it tastes. Maybe a bit more than semi- sweet but much preferable to standard US Hershey style milk chocolate anyway!

The biggest takeaway I took was that the almonds were much softer than the usual peanuts and so the mish mash of textures wasn’t quite as enjoyable. They also have a much milder flavour, to the extent I wouldn’t have identified them clearly as almonds. Again I still preferred this to normal!

The sticky sweet caramel is (as sickly sweet) as ever and is complimented by a marshmallow flavoured nougat. It might have been squashed but it was so chewy and marshmallow flavoured I might as well have been eating real marshmallows! There’s one description our American cousins have got spot on.

The “dark” chocolate is 100% the correct choice to coat the stupidly sweet centre. Instead of being a sickly sweet chore it’s actually pretty tasty and a chocolate bar I’d choose to eat rather than avoid – a la regular Snickers.

Rating: 7/10 


Nestle Pick & Mix (Caramel Bag)


I had zero intention of reviewing these, I already reviewed the Cadbury “pick and mix” bags, and the first Nestle Pick&Mix chocolate bag but this one is full of toffee and caramel and I had a feeling I’d need some reviews for this week as I’m feeling very sorry for myself after a little op on my mouth.

If you can’t be arsed going to read that review (although you really should), the first chocolate Pick & Mix bag from Nestle contained Smarties, Rolos, Aero Bubbles and bite sized Toffee Crisps. This time round we’ve still got Rolos and Toffee Crisps but Caramac Buttons and Munchies have joined the party too.


I don’t know why they look like this, I didn’t keep them in the fridge so it’s not a bloom, they’re well in date and looking at the other bag I had they looked pretty busted too. Maybe Nestle are using the ugly scuffed ones for these mixed bags and saving the prettier ones for the individual flavoured bags…

Anyway there was a pretty even mix of everything, not only in my bag but him indoors too. He claimed to have no Caramac buttons but the idiot found them all in the crease of the bag after he’d finished everything else!

There’s really nothing I can say about the flavours, sure it’s pretty sweet but what else would you expect from a toffee/caramel based bag. The flavours all work really well together though, I think the contrast in textures is what helps but there’s a real difference in terms of each chocolate. Sweet, strong snap of the Caramac Buttons, smooth, thin but rich caramel inside the crunchy Munchies, the thick gooey Rolos and the crunchy, sticky Toffee Crisps.. For a chocolate based bag I was in texture heaven.

Sure they’d probably be even more enjoyable with the inclusion of some sweets but I’m holding out hope for one giant mega Pick&Mix bag from Nestle with Smarties, Aero Bubbles, Rolos, Toffee Crisps, Caramac Buttons, Munchies and the three sweets from the Rowntree side of things – Tooty Frooties, Fruit Pastilles and Fruit Gums. Of course I could buy the three bags and do it myself but I’d rather someone else did the leg work for me.

Rating: 7/10

House of Dorchester for Costa – Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans


I was standing by the till in Costa the other day waiting for my husbands uncomfortably complicated coffee order when I noticed a fancy black box conveniently located right in my eye line. Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans. Yes please. And just like that I fell for the simplest marketing trick in the book.

Produced for Costa Coffee, they’re House of Dorchester Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans.

Whole roasted coffee beans coated in milk chocolate and dusted in cocoa powder. 

Inside the posh packet was a surprising amount of beans that might not have looked like coffee beans but they sure smelt like it!


I particularly enjoyed the fact the texture remained the same whether I ate one of the teeny baby beans or the biggest; soft creamy chocolate leading to the firm crunch of the bean. In perfect contrast and just how I like it.

These beans taste exactly how Costa Coffee smells! Well, only the good parts! They have such a strong, rich delicious coffee flavour yet are coated in a milky sweet decent chocolate (33.5% cocoa solids, it’s actually proper chocolate covering these bad boys) that gives such an addictive and mouthwatering chocolate coffee combo.

The larger beans had a slightly stronger chocolate flavour than their mini mes but it’s most definitely coffee I’m left tasting. I adored these but I think they’d be too strong for Mr. It’d-better-taste-more-like-milk-than-coffee..

A happy bonus? I’m bouncing off the walls!!

Rating: 9/10

Snickers Crisper


I’m going to be honest. I bought this under the assumption it was a Snickers with Rice Krispys instead of peanuts. I was wrong. It has “crisp rice” but it’s alongside the peanuts. Get rid of ’em full stop I say!

Coming from the good old U.S.A, instead of one bar as is the norm with a Snickers there are two fat little squares. They feel heavier than a bar, I think they’re actually lighter but they feel more substantial to hold. I couldn’t smell much other than chocolate or caramel – no hint of what was to come.


Heavier in the hand equals lighter in the mouth, apparently. It had a much softer chew in general although the crisp rice is seriously crunchy! For some reason it felt like I’d eaten a lot less than a regular Snickers. A bit like eating a Flake compared to a Twirl. They’re kind of the same but not quite as filling. This could be down to a lack of nougat too so the sweet smooth caramels and chocolate are only interrupted by crispy rice and the odd peanut.

The peanuts. There aren’t many but as usual they ruin everything. To me, this tasted like peanut butter and I hated it. The chocolate (as it’s American I’m guessing) is so sweet but it loses to a strong peanut flavour and thanks to the loss of the nougat and instead just having the sweet caramel, it not only tasted like peanut butter but felt like it with a real sticky claggy feel. Yuck.

Too much like peanut butter for me thanks!

Rating: 5/10