Carte D’Or Gelateria Chocolate Profiterole

  I don’t know why, but I always tend to overlook Carte D’or ice creams. I’ve reviewed their Sorbets but despite nearly 3 years of blogging and solid ice cream munching, I’m yet to review an ice cream. That changes today. Enter Carte D’or Gelateria Chocolate Profiterole Choux pastry flavoured ice cream with choux pastry pieces,…… Continue reading Carte D’Or Gelateria Chocolate Profiterole


INSTA-REVIEW: Ashley’s Family Treats – Tasty Gingerbread Treats (Poundland)

Heads up: they aren’t gingerbread flavoured. I was disappointed at first too – that’s the whole reason I bought them! The not-gingerbread men are soft and squidgy but still have a decent chew. There’s loads squashed in the jar too. They’re actually cookies and cream flavoured, and a good one at that. It’s very sweet…… Continue reading INSTA-REVIEW: Ashley’s Family Treats – Tasty Gingerbread Treats (Poundland)

8/10 · Chocolate

Monty Bojangles Taste Adventures

Monty Bojangles truffles aren’t new to me but for some reason I’ve never reviewed them up until now. My sister made us up a chocolate and wine hamper as part of my Christmas present and included a box of Monty Bojangles Taste Adventures, an assortment of cocoa dusted truffles including three of their popular flavours:…… Continue reading Monty Bojangles Taste Adventures


INSTA-REVIEW: I’m Bananas About You (Home Bargains)

I didn’t expect much from these as I’ve never even heard of the company who make them, but I was pleasantly surprised! They’re soft and squidgy like a fizzy marshmallow rather than a harder standard foam banana. I loved the artificial strong banana flavour, it really reminded me of a McDonalds banana milkshake weirdly. It…… Continue reading INSTA-REVIEW: I’m Bananas About You (Home Bargains)